• Altered Spaces

    Through the dark, the adventure of lost worlds begins.
  • Beauty in Decay

    An essence of light can turn the darkness into a fascinating display of color.
  • Time Traveling

    Urban Exploring is traveling into a time before and imagining what was.
  • Unexpected Visions

    Who knows what you will find around the next corner or under the stair. It is these types of surprises that are the photographers' dream.
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Urban Exploring

The pure enjoyment of exploring places that most people wouldn't go. The experience of maneuvering mazes and obstacles of days gone by. The adenine rush of the unexpected. Finding footprints where you wouldn't expect them. This is urban exploring. And this is why we love it.

The Urban Explorers Network was created for these explorers to share their experiences and network among themselves for further explorations. It is alive and well today because of those shared experiences.

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